Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ethan's Field Day

Here are some pictures of Ethan on field day. There was one part of the activities where they had an obstacle course set up. It was a great idea.  photo Picture378_zps1ed51d1e.jpg  photo Picture377_zps3451d45d.jpg  photo Picture376_zps82fc216f.jpg  photo Picture375_zpsd8902520.jpg

A little summer fun

 photo Picture451_zps4bf03ebd.jpg  photo Picture448_zps56d81cd9.jpg  photo Picture443_zpsb2f9b388.jpg

Boys will be boys..

This is what happens when you don't have grass and your driveway gets wet.  photo Picture355_zpsc2569d40.jpg  photo Picture355_zpsc2569d40.jpg  photo Picture357_zpsf388aaad.jpg  photo Picture359_zps3019f549.jpg Can't say I'm going to miss the mud puddles. I'm sure the boys wont agree with me. And since they were already a big mess...  photo Picture361_zps9e579b5d.jpg

Easter Weekend

Alright, to make this easier on myself (because I will never get caught up if I try and edit every picture) I'm going to put all the pictures strait out of the camera.
Ready, Set, Go...

As I said in the last post we didn't go out to the desert for Easter this year, instead we went to Leslie and Colby's house in Moroni.
We had a great time hanging out with family, visiting the farm and looking for goose eggs.
It was warm enough to have a candy hunt outside in the back yard. It was a great weekend.

 photo 2a0c6565-ff30-4ff6-b2a1-029d38b78f29_zpsc7f82d48.jpg  photo FDA272D2-D4CF-4899-8DA1-D8364ED257B7-7765-00000514029F2910_zps0e12876e.jpg  photo FDA272D2-D4CF-4899-8DA1-D8364ED257B7-7765-00000514029F2910_zps0e12876e.jpg  photo 3D72521A-F2B7-442C-A258-726DE5E121C7-7765-00000514BC17C9A3_zps29d1ffc8.jpg  photo 57616025-08F4-4CB9-BDB5-372DDF6788BE-7765-0000051546967A2D_zps96270bd5.jpg  photo 8F4B835E-CC44-498C-B2F9-F631853D1531-7765-000005153B959FB7_zpsebdefe9d.jpg

Monday, September 2, 2013

Easter 2013 (should I really be calling it Easter?)

This year Easter was in March so we decided to take our traditional Easter camping trip in a warmer month. As goes our luck it was actually unseasonably warm over Easter weekend and would have been a great time to go. But we had a great Easter trip in Sanpete County so it all worked out.
We rented a motorhome from Camping World and headed out to the desert. All in all it was one of the best trips we have had.
When I first started going to the desert we had 2 motorhomes, 2-3 trailers and a bunch of tents. As the years have gone by it dwindled down to 1 trailer, 1 motorhome and maybe 2 tents.
Now however, the nephews are grown up and married and need their own places to stay. We ended up with 3 motorhomes, 2 trailers and 2 semi tents (sleeping in the back of a trailer rather than putting up the tent). Plus my Brother and Sister-in-law came out and stayed the night for the first time.

Here are some random pictures from the trip.
 photo Picture383_zps9267abe6.jpg

 photo d6889baa-85ad-4ff2-a7aa-9f31ebd4f2ef_zpsc1fd40bd.jpg

 photo null_zps6899f6ab.jpg

 photo null_zps8996f6a3.jpg

 photo Picture334_zpse222cc13.jpg

While the boys went on a ride Friday night and their traditional "big" ride Saturday, I got the opportunity to teach the ladies how to ride a dirt bike. This was by far my favorite part of the trip.
Now don't get me wrong, I've learned a lot from all the boys throughout the years. Watching them ride, asking questions and briefly riding on back. Ha! but who doesn't like getting dumped off the back of the bike in the middle of the desert to watch a bunch of bikes ride around like maniac's only to be picked up after 20 mins.  That was the only year I rode on the back of Bill. After that I got my own bike.  Let me tell you, its a whole lot more fun to sit on your own bike and watch the chaos ensue, or to be a part of it - if your crazy enough.
Anyway :-) from a girls standpoint, its a lot easier to learn how to ride a bike from another girl. 1. we have more patience than our significant others 2. We don't expect everyone to know what we are talking about when we talk in cryptic terms you would only understand if you had been riding your entire life and 3. we can laugh at each others stupidity and it doesn't hurt the others feelings.

Here is my big shout out to Kim, Megan and Jess for picking up riding faster than they thought they would, and actually liking it! Its always fun to have something in common with your spouse, but it will be fun to go have girls rides as well. I can't wait!!

Oh, here are some videos too...  as soon as I figure out how to link them I will get them on here.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer is almost gone!

I know I've been horrible about keeping up with posts.
So here is my goal:
I will have everything updated before October starts!

In honor of schools starting I have changed the back ground.

Plus it isn't quite time for a change into fall so I have to have something to fill the gap.

Hopefully I will have a post up by the end of the weekend.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring is here!! no really, it is.

Want to know how I know??
Because this ...
I happen to look down at the bottle that has been sitting on our counter since September of last year and this is what I saw...

   photo CC0EA485-8D25-4D6B-AB63-AAE35BBEA066-7765-00000518EED306CA_zps4585285a.jpg

I then had the luxury of waiting all day, while Ethan was at school, hoping and praying the moth didn't die before he came home. As soon as he got home I showed him.
   photo 149cd2a0-d7d1-435e-92dc-7b2150f5d468_zpsb15e7394.jpg

He was so excited. It was great to watch his face when he got to hold it.
   photo 276ef6f1-38ce-43cc-a9ee-8131a39a7a3e_zpsdc94a618.jpg

Since we have no leaves, grass, flowers, or even weeds for that matter, we decided to put it on the corn stalks that are on the side of the house. Ethan was so worried the moth was cold or the wind was going to blow it to its death. It was really cute.

*An apology is in order. I thought I had a post about Ethans pet Caterpillar but I can't find it. I can't even find any of the 12 billion pictures I know I took of the chrysalis. For those of you that are shaking your head in my direction thinking I'm as crazy as I normally tend to be, I have proof. On Ethans "All about ME" poster is a picture of the chrysalis.
I'll keep looking tomorrow.

Talented.. I think so!

Not only can he point his tongue, which is a little weird, but he can touch his nose and chin with his tongue.

 photo f248733e-2a9a-4f43-9d42-a93d5bc50edd_zps4a761611.jpg

Guess who's 3?

Yep, this brown eyed boy turned 3 this year.
 photo 43f2ad66-8a85-4628-9be7-fea990dc9552_zps549b6ab5.jpg

This was the first year he really understood what a birthday is all about... PRESENTS!! He completely understood about getting presents, but when you told him "Happy Birthday" he would say "Happy Birthday" back, we laughed every time.

I don't have any "cake" pictures because frankly, James doesn't like to eat cake or cupcakes or really any dessert except cookies. So we had cookies for his birthday.

  photo 7a55aa4f-5cdb-45f7-b2d6-920c96c654e9_zps158ff8f2.jpg
Uncle Andrew brought home some toy bikes from Afghanistan. They also came with riders as well.
 photo d5f3f100-d292-416b-ba58-69a4cd2357fc_zps7253f598.jpg  photo 14d8ed68-35a8-442d-9775-c604ed608d02_zps722c1ebb.jpg
Oh! are we ever into Rescuebots at our house. They get played with daily and the cartoon has had to have a limit put on it of once a day or it would be on all day long.  This is Heatwave in case you were all wondering.
 photo eeb8fbd1-1add-40ed-baf6-6789532f2012_zps43a5f481.jpg

A little before James' birthday we got looking around his bedroom and realized his side of the room was a little bare. Ethan has his "All about ME" posters from school up on his side and James didn't have anything so he got this Cars 2 poster and an Avengers poster that are now hanging on his side of the room.

 photo ce7b780d-32b5-4ce0-b271-1941035c19c4_zpse37eec17.jpg
 photo a577bcae-20e5-4156-b66b-cb731eee4f8c_zps6c75913d.jpg
Grandma Fritsch has an amazing talent of crocheing. She makes all the grandchildren blankets that are personalized to them. They get one when they are born, which is put away until they are old enough not to ruin it, so about the time they get married. But they get another that gets to go on their bed and used every day.
This is James' blanket. His favorite color is Yellow. If ever he has a choice in colors he will always choose yellow (remember the ball throwing at Blast Off?).

 photo 2138cc59-98e4-4468-9c5b-1387de40401d_zpsf1504f6d.jpg
This is a "Balance" bike. I wish we would have had this for Ethan. They are by far the best bikes for kids to start out on. It helps them figure out the balancing part of riding a bike. Most kids go straight from one of these to a bike withOUT training wheels.
Since it is snowy and cold outside James gets to ride this around the house. It took all of 1 week for James to be able to go from the family room to his bedroom with his feet up on the bar. I have a feeling Adam will be on it by mid-summer and James will be riding a normal bike. And speaking of Adam....

This is what happens when you let the 1 yr old, that doesn't understand birthdays and presents, sit on the bike and then make him get off...

 photo 6a2342ba-2947-494e-b01b-ffdad98aa36b_zpse0028231.jpg  photo 52a3b783-dbec-4e8b-8561-f4e78a20ba19_zps2e6f9f66.jpg  photo 9978ac87-f82d-4ce0-a1fc-9394d6632056_zps4922aa4b.jpg

Isn't that the best tantrum - I didn't get my way faces ever? It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winter Sports

The whole family got to go up to Targhee this year to see Ethan race down for winter sports. It was cold, but I'm glad we went.
   photo 333dad91-ffcf-4c52-9ba6-111b15dc78eb_zps5927cd8b.jpg photo 5aca149d-2caa-4a76-bf6a-289eb479940f_zps80794015.jpg
 photo cb90f1d7-6b41-468b-b93b-116bfe2159d0_zps1489f594.jpg
 photo 1d07bea7-cc72-4d85-b128-e49468520541_zps562c219e.jpg
 photo 4e99603f-b75c-45a3-9dd4-47f7ebcfecd3_zpse64a1d73.jpg

Some fun in the snow

Some Blast Off Fun

Last Monday while in Idaho Falls Grandma E, the boys and I had some time to kill while waiting to meet up with Uncle Bubba in Lava. So we headed over to Blast Off.

We had the whole place to ourselves, it was great.  James was running everywhere and Adam was surrounded by balls so he was in heaven.
It is the best place to kill some time and wear out the children.

I didn't notice while we were there, Bill actually pointed it out, that James would only throw the Yellow balls. Yellow is his favorite color if you didn't know.  photo 53f8fe8d-5902-40f6-9e13-6e01da05f91c_zps9556f638.jpg  photo 69976e89-e8f5-4cff-ba60-d34a8f97afca_zps81d2e1df.jpg
 photo fc262d68-2258-45b5-bf82-5f8a95378c78_zpsc722f5a2.jpg Every time James came back up out of the balls I keep saying to myself "Bazzinga".

Now this was funny. Adam was yelling so loud at the balls because he couldn't get them out.  photo 9e23d88b-bed6-4373-90e7-fdc0740d37dc_zps48f263c6.jpg
 photo 4e2e3cef-6eb9-4bed-8d50-30abe6b27473_zpsbbc895c9.jpg
it was a fun time.

DIY project

The boys have been in dire need of some book shelves for their room.

I really haven't found anything that I liked so we have been stacking them on the floor, which ends up in a big mess.

I found a DIY idea project on pinterest and went for it.

These are my rain gutters turned into book shelves...

 photo 4e253bbd-1e7d-4cb1-80ed-d47133b593be_zps287516b8.jpg  photo 83abeeba-5d53-4eab-8ae0-8a4eff3d7294_zpsc9029259.jpg
What do ya'll think??