Thursday, September 18, 2014

The first of many to come...

On Saturday I ran the Revel Big Cottonwood Half Marathon with Jenn Godfrey and Celeste Godfrey.
This was my first half and let me just tell you how much I LOVED it!!
I really did. I loved the course, the finish line, the aid stations, the temperature differences (below 30 to 70's), the pain, the sweat and even the wall I hit at mile 11.
We finished with a chip time of 2hrs 16 min 10 sec making out pace avg 10:24. Definitely a PR!
Bill was hunting so it was great to have Grandma and Grandpa Ellett bring all the boys down to watch me finish. It definitely helped to finish strong.

I'm excited for my next one, or should I say ones. We registered for the Grizzly challenge which is the Yellowstone half 6/13/2015 and then Teton half 6/20/2015.

In the meantime I get to keep training for Las Vegas Ragnar in November!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

stating the obvious...

I have been a crappy blogger.

That is stating the obvious.

I can't seem to keep any goals related to blogging.

Another obvious.

I'm really hoping to do better but I'm just going to see how it goes. I downloaded a bunch (and when I say a bunch I mean 900+ pictures) Hopefully I'll get them sorted and start to back post as I feel in the mood. But for now, I will post the last couple weeks.