Friday, May 9, 2014


I will be updating the blog once a month or so from now on. This is my new goal. So to start us off I will be posting pictures from our Cruise we took in March. Then hopefully Easter Camping and then a random picture post. For today I'll leave you with this wonderful picture-  photo 276b652f-ea62-4f03-bd33-c2b377572f70_zps3366c626.jpg


In trying to finish the yard this year I have been working on the garden. Now when I say working on the garden I mean clearing out an area of weeds and grass for my raspberries to be planted. I didn't actually plant anything. I did have 7 spontaneous potato plants pop up out of the ground.  photo Picture374_zpsf0ec0fce.jpg My big helper!  photo Picture373_zps2d07e8ee.jpg