Wednesday, November 18, 2009

California Vacation

We had our annual Ellett family trip to California over the weekend of the 13th. It was so much fun. We put a lot into 3 days but it was worth it. We flew out to CA Friday and met up with everyone that drove.

Ethan loved the airplane. He put his hands in the air as we took off, it was so cute. He also figured out a way to get the tray table down without our help. He used his foot and unlocked it, then pulled it down with both feet. He also could put it up by himself. It was hilarious to watch. I recorded it on my phone, so as soon as I figure out how to download it I will post it.

Saturday we ate at In-n-out (O the deliciousness!) and headed to Huntington Beach to play around on the sand and in the water. Andrew, Dixon and Ethan were the only ones that really wanted to go in the water. Andrew and Dixon had boogie boards and had a blast. Ethan just ran in the water and had a great time getting soaked. Bill did a little bit of everything. Played in the sand, and walked around with Ethan in the water. Everyone else played with the frisbes and football up on the beach. Of course I didn't pack any extra clothes for Ethan so we had to run to Walmart and get him some new clothes to wear the rest of the night. For dinner we went to Luigi's. It is a family tradition ever since I can remember. Anyone who has been to CA with my family has been there. Great food! It was a great time.

I will update with pics as soon as I get them.

Sunday was race day. The Drag Racing Championships in Pomona, CA that is.

Everyone headed to the races in the morning except Ethan, Kim and me. After previous experience we thought it would be better to not try and have Ethan there the whole day. While everyone was at the races we did a little shopping and tried to get Ethan to take a nap. That didn't work out so well as Kim and I were the only ones to take a nap. Instead Ethan woke us both up when the movie was over. After a little lunch we headed over to the racetrack. We got there in time to watch the semifinals and the finals. It is always an experience you can't describe very well. Unless you have seen the races in person you would never understand the volume of sound that comes from them, not to mention the way it shakes all your insides when they hit the gas. Truly one of the neatest experiences you can have. After the races we met up with my cousin Jim and 2 of his kids for dinner. We ended up at Chili's so we could watch the Colts - Patriots game, GO COLTS!

This was after the top fuel cars hit full throttle. No better way to describe the feeling.

Uncle Bubba and Aunt Kim

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Andrew

Grandma and Grandpa

Grandpa and Dixon

That night we played Phase 10. It was one of the funniest games I have ever been a part of. my stomach muscles were so tired from laughing so hard, but every time I laid down so I could relax I got the hiccups. Bill won, but was also the one that got skipped the most. Dixon only played for 3 rounds then went to sleep so in our giggly moods Kim and I toilet Papered him. It was hilarious.

Monday was Disneyland! Ethan's first trip to Disney. It took a little bit for him to really understand where we were and how much you could do, but once he got it he wanted to do so much. We first headed into California Adventure park and went on Soaring over CA. Unfortunately Ethan was a little too short to go on this one. The guy was trying his hardest to get him tall enough but in the end he could still fit his whole hand between Ethan's head and the bar. Aunt Lisa stayed out with him and they headed to check out the Cars shop. It was a good indicator for his height as most of the rides had the same restrictions as Soaring over CA. Ethan and I sat outside in the shade playing while everyone went on rides and yes, it was very hard knowing I couldn't go on most of the rides and all the rides I love. Luckily the park wasn't too crowded and the weather was wonderful.
Grandma and I decided we needed a break from walking so we took Ethan on the train that runs around the park. I was secretly hoping he would fall asleep and give the others more time to hit the rides they wanted without them feeling like we were being left out. Yeah that didn't happen in the slightest. He loved every part of being on the train. We ended up going around the park twice before we met back up with everyone. After getting something to eat everyone wanted to hit Splash Mountain before the sun set and it got too cold. This was one of the rides we really wanted Ethan to go on but it had a 40" height minimum. So we rolled up some napkins, loosened his shoes and stuffed them in. luckily it made just enough of a difference that the worker couldn't get his hand in between and let him on. It was so fun to see them as they came around the corner after going down the big hill. He was grinning from ear to ear. When they got back up to unload there wasn't anyone in line so they got to go again, but this time Ethan decided he wanted to sit by himself so he moved to the empty seat in front of Bill. Bill let him stay there until right before they went down the big hill, then he pulled Ethan back by his side so he could hold on to him. For the rest of the night all we heard was "go on the boats again?". We took him over to Whinnie the Pooh while we were waiting for everyone. After we got out Ethan said "go on the boats?" Even after Pirates of the Caribbean he asked if he could go on the other boats.
The last ride everyone wanted to hit was Indiana Jones so Ethan and I stayed outside and waited for them. As soon as I got Ethan in the stroller it took all of about 3 seconds for him to fall asleep. He didn't wake up the rest of the night. Through the fireworks, all the people leaving, taking him out of the stroller to ride the tram, the drive home, getting in pajamas, I'm not even sure he was awake when he went potty before laying down for the night.
We had such a great time, I can't wait to take him again.

Monday, November 9, 2009


This year we decided to take a trip and spend Halloween in Utah. We stayed down at Grandma and Grandpa Fritsch's cabin in Fairview and went trick-or-treating in Moroni. It was so much fun taking Ethan around door to door trick-or-treating. By the last couple houses he finally started saying trick-or-treat loud enough for anyone to hear it, but he loved getting treats.
Of course Bill and I both dressed up. You only get to dress up once a year, take advantage of it!
Pics aren't the greatest but we had a blast.

Halloween fun

On Thursday the 29th we went over to our friends house and carved pumpkins. We introduced them to the pumpkin carving kits and books of different designs instead of the normal triangle face. They loved it, Bill and Kyler carved Yoda's, Lexi carved a witch profile, porter carved a skull, I carved BOO in 3 little pumpkins, Ethan just drew all over his. We did cut the top off and he tried to get the seeds and such out but gave up pretty quick. We had such a good time. Ethan loves playing over there, it is so nice to have such good friends up here.
Here are some pics.