Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winter Sports

The whole family got to go up to Targhee this year to see Ethan race down for winter sports. It was cold, but I'm glad we went.
   photo 333dad91-ffcf-4c52-9ba6-111b15dc78eb_zps5927cd8b.jpg photo 5aca149d-2caa-4a76-bf6a-289eb479940f_zps80794015.jpg
 photo cb90f1d7-6b41-468b-b93b-116bfe2159d0_zps1489f594.jpg
 photo 1d07bea7-cc72-4d85-b128-e49468520541_zps562c219e.jpg
 photo 4e99603f-b75c-45a3-9dd4-47f7ebcfecd3_zpse64a1d73.jpg

Some fun in the snow

Some Blast Off Fun

Last Monday while in Idaho Falls Grandma E, the boys and I had some time to kill while waiting to meet up with Uncle Bubba in Lava. So we headed over to Blast Off.

We had the whole place to ourselves, it was great.  James was running everywhere and Adam was surrounded by balls so he was in heaven.
It is the best place to kill some time and wear out the children.

I didn't notice while we were there, Bill actually pointed it out, that James would only throw the Yellow balls. Yellow is his favorite color if you didn't know.  photo 53f8fe8d-5902-40f6-9e13-6e01da05f91c_zps9556f638.jpg  photo 69976e89-e8f5-4cff-ba60-d34a8f97afca_zps81d2e1df.jpg
 photo fc262d68-2258-45b5-bf82-5f8a95378c78_zpsc722f5a2.jpg Every time James came back up out of the balls I keep saying to myself "Bazzinga".

Now this was funny. Adam was yelling so loud at the balls because he couldn't get them out.  photo 9e23d88b-bed6-4373-90e7-fdc0740d37dc_zps48f263c6.jpg
 photo 4e2e3cef-6eb9-4bed-8d50-30abe6b27473_zpsbbc895c9.jpg
it was a fun time.

DIY project

The boys have been in dire need of some book shelves for their room.

I really haven't found anything that I liked so we have been stacking them on the floor, which ends up in a big mess.

I found a DIY idea project on pinterest and went for it.

These are my rain gutters turned into book shelves...

 photo 4e253bbd-1e7d-4cb1-80ed-d47133b593be_zps287516b8.jpg  photo 83abeeba-5d53-4eab-8ae0-8a4eff3d7294_zpsc9029259.jpg
What do ya'll think??

3D is cool

For Valentines Grandma F sent up some books for the boys and Ethans happen to be a 3D Dinosaur book. So of course we all had to give it a try. The best was James. He was trying to grab the dinosaurs from the page it was funny.  photo e76b9fab-c879-4252-b098-e0aab53ddf27_zps2662a64d.jpg  photo eca079dc-ac4a-4640-bc53-0beaeb90621b_zpsbe3bfd29.jpg  photo 3390af9c-c4a6-4e4c-9c39-b6f5cf403acb_zps61df31de.jpg  photo cfa192ce-a8c0-4ade-b123-16f1885dd118_zps77bc2133.jpg  photo 1b74fe86-40eb-487a-b7ce-0f3aa147f3e7_zpsd33603e0.jpg