Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun in Utah

We've been spending some time in Utah the past couple of weeks. Last weekend we were down for Uncle Bubba's wedding (my brother). I will post more on that as soon as we get more pictures in from everyone.
The weekend before we went down for the MLS All stars vs. Everton soccer game held at the Rio Tinto stadium. It was a lot of fun. Ethan went with us and of course was bored by half time. But the game ended in a shoot out down on our end so we were loving it.
Then we spent the next couple days down at Mom and Dad Fritsch's cabin in Fairview, Ut. We took Ethan swimming, the water felt like it was 50 degrees so it didn't last very long. Went on a bunch of rides, we took Bill's bike down so he was able to play around the hills with Dallin. Ethan never wanted to get off the big 4-wheelers and when he did it was only to swing or get on his little 4-wheeler.
We had a great time being with family and just taking time to relax.
Enjoy the pics!