Monday, September 2, 2013

Easter 2013 (should I really be calling it Easter?)

This year Easter was in March so we decided to take our traditional Easter camping trip in a warmer month. As goes our luck it was actually unseasonably warm over Easter weekend and would have been a great time to go. But we had a great Easter trip in Sanpete County so it all worked out.
We rented a motorhome from Camping World and headed out to the desert. All in all it was one of the best trips we have had.
When I first started going to the desert we had 2 motorhomes, 2-3 trailers and a bunch of tents. As the years have gone by it dwindled down to 1 trailer, 1 motorhome and maybe 2 tents.
Now however, the nephews are grown up and married and need their own places to stay. We ended up with 3 motorhomes, 2 trailers and 2 semi tents (sleeping in the back of a trailer rather than putting up the tent). Plus my Brother and Sister-in-law came out and stayed the night for the first time.

Here are some random pictures from the trip.
 photo Picture383_zps9267abe6.jpg

 photo d6889baa-85ad-4ff2-a7aa-9f31ebd4f2ef_zpsc1fd40bd.jpg

 photo null_zps6899f6ab.jpg

 photo null_zps8996f6a3.jpg

 photo Picture334_zpse222cc13.jpg

While the boys went on a ride Friday night and their traditional "big" ride Saturday, I got the opportunity to teach the ladies how to ride a dirt bike. This was by far my favorite part of the trip.
Now don't get me wrong, I've learned a lot from all the boys throughout the years. Watching them ride, asking questions and briefly riding on back. Ha! but who doesn't like getting dumped off the back of the bike in the middle of the desert to watch a bunch of bikes ride around like maniac's only to be picked up after 20 mins.  That was the only year I rode on the back of Bill. After that I got my own bike.  Let me tell you, its a whole lot more fun to sit on your own bike and watch the chaos ensue, or to be a part of it - if your crazy enough.
Anyway :-) from a girls standpoint, its a lot easier to learn how to ride a bike from another girl. 1. we have more patience than our significant others 2. We don't expect everyone to know what we are talking about when we talk in cryptic terms you would only understand if you had been riding your entire life and 3. we can laugh at each others stupidity and it doesn't hurt the others feelings.

Here is my big shout out to Kim, Megan and Jess for picking up riding faster than they thought they would, and actually liking it! Its always fun to have something in common with your spouse, but it will be fun to go have girls rides as well. I can't wait!!

Oh, here are some videos too...  as soon as I figure out how to link them I will get them on here.

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