Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring is here!! no really, it is.

Want to know how I know??
Because this ...
I happen to look down at the bottle that has been sitting on our counter since September of last year and this is what I saw...

   photo CC0EA485-8D25-4D6B-AB63-AAE35BBEA066-7765-00000518EED306CA_zps4585285a.jpg

I then had the luxury of waiting all day, while Ethan was at school, hoping and praying the moth didn't die before he came home. As soon as he got home I showed him.
   photo 149cd2a0-d7d1-435e-92dc-7b2150f5d468_zpsb15e7394.jpg

He was so excited. It was great to watch his face when he got to hold it.
   photo 276ef6f1-38ce-43cc-a9ee-8131a39a7a3e_zpsdc94a618.jpg

Since we have no leaves, grass, flowers, or even weeds for that matter, we decided to put it on the corn stalks that are on the side of the house. Ethan was so worried the moth was cold or the wind was going to blow it to its death. It was really cute.

*An apology is in order. I thought I had a post about Ethans pet Caterpillar but I can't find it. I can't even find any of the 12 billion pictures I know I took of the chrysalis. For those of you that are shaking your head in my direction thinking I'm as crazy as I normally tend to be, I have proof. On Ethans "All about ME" poster is a picture of the chrysalis.
I'll keep looking tomorrow.

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