Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

A prince among princesses

Ethan was invited to a princess birthday party last week for one of his friends so my mom and I (mostly my mom) put our heads together and found some old (and when I say old, the red was originally used to make a devil costume for my older brother on his first Halloween some 32 odd years ago) red fabric and made him a prince cape.
He looked so dashing!


Two of my boys

I love this picture.. You can definitely tell who Ethan belongs to.

Playing outside

Saturday was such a beautiful day we had to get outside and play. Now when I say we, I mean Bill, Ethan and Sara. I sat on the deck soaking up all the vitamin D I could with James wrapped up all warm on my lap.
Bill got this idea to take the snowblower over to our sledding hill and see if he could make it taller. It worked for the most part, but the best was watching him try and get the snowblower over there.

Ethan and Sara had a blast sliding down the hill on the sleds and just playing in the snow. It was such a wet snow both of their snow pants were soaked.


Last night I decided to make brownies for dessert. Ethan, being the big helper he is, helped me by mixing it together. After words I usually just put it in the oven and clean up the dishes but today I realized I have never let him taste the batter. Being the batter lover I am, I was sure he would love it. I think the pictures say everything..

My little helper

Ethan is such a good helper. He has such a tender heart, especially when he can tell something is wrong. Yesterday he was on the floor talking to James and James happen to spit up. I was in the other room getting new clothes for James and he came running in yelling in a panicked voice "He spit it out, he spit it out" and then went running back to James. It was so cute. I'm enjoying my two boys so much.