Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby update

Well, I'm officially in Utah for the duration of the pregnancy.  Yeah, yeah I know I was supposed to be 2 weeks ago, but last week the I was able to go home for about 5 days.  Yes, I did ask permission first. My dr said as long as my contractions were alright then I could make the decision but she didn't want to know.
Knowing that this would probably be the last chance I got to go home, I took advantage of it and went home.

It was great to be home with Bill and Ethan for a few more days. I think I needed a little more time to be alright with staying in Utah. This time, coming down was very different. I'm okay with being here and know it is in the best interest of me and the babe.
It also helps that I have Ethan for the next week due to the Harvest break.

Had my appointments today and all is going well.

He cooperated this morning with all the testing so they were able to get good shots in the ultrasound and the NST test only took 20 min, which is the regular amount of time.
His heart looks great, no hydrops anywhere, the c-pam is staying the same size. However it is getting harder to measure it as he is getting bigger.  He decided to move into a transverse position instead of being head down, which is fine since he has a swimming pool to move around in.

Everything looks the same for me, keep monitoring contractions and baby movement.

Because all the appointments were on time I was able to go over into the NICU and take a tour. It was nice to be able to see where he will be and what will take place. When they tell you that they will take the babe (once born) and pass him through a window into the NICU to be assessed they aren't kidding. It looked like a nice drive through window, with the surgical room on one side and the NICU on the other.

I was able to meet two of the nurses and I have one more that I need to meet. She happens to be neighbors with my sister-in-law, but took a shift over in delivery when I was there.  It will be nice to at least recognize some of the staff while we are there.

Here's to another week of growing!

I have pictures from the ultrasound that I will post as soon as I can get them scanned.

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