Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Here are the happenings of the past 2 weeks..

My appointment last Monday in Utah went great. The c-pam has stopped growing, it is the same size it was 3 weeks ago. This means so much is the same but so much is beginning to change. As he continues to grow, the growth will start to give more room for all his insides including his right lung and his esophagus. Which means he will be able to swallow more fluid. My fluid level has also stayed the same which means he is definitely getting more fluid circulating through his little body.

Last Friday I ended up at EIRMC (er-mac) the hospital in Idaho Falls. But first let me give you the chronological order of how things went; Thursday night I came home from a baby shower and blamed Bill for giving me his back pain. I laid on the floor and tried to stretch it any way I could think of. It felt a little better and I fell asleep on the couch. Woke up to a jolt of pain in my back and decided it was time to go into bed. Several jolts later I was laying there thinking "Hmm... I wonder if this could be back labor.." Then fell back to sleep. Woke up late, rushed around getting the boys, mainly Ethan, ready. Made it to the bus stop with just a min to spare. Cleaned up breakfast thinking "man I wish I could stretch my back out.. this hurts" then sat on the couch and relaxed as my contractions were getting a little too frequent. Once they slowed down James and I headed out to the post office. On my way I thought maybe I should call the nurse and see what the difference is between back pain and back labor. The nurse was great and wanted to rule out any type of infection before making me drive all the way to Idaho Falls to be seen, so off we went to the clinic in Driggs. At this point my back was really hurting. I'm sure it didn't help that I had a 25 lb 18 mo old sleeping on my shoulder, but whats a mom to do? In the clinic my blood pressure was high 140/100 and my test came back negative for any type of infection, however it did show protein and glucose. Tess, the doctor I saw, came in and said" I'm sorry you don't have an infection, we are sending you to Idaho Falls to see your OB." How often do you hear a Dr say "Sorry you don't have an infection!" Back to the story, I call Bill and let him know what they said. He met me at home ready to head down. An hour later we were at my OB's office. The pain in my back was blaring at this point. It obviously showed on my face because one of the front staff checked me in and put us in a room. Then she went and told the nurse I looked like I was in labor so she put us in a room. HA!! The PA came in and went through all the normal stuff. Tested me again to make sure there wasn't any blood in my urine, in case of kidney stones. There wasn't, so she checked to make sure I wasn't dilating and they sent us on our way to Labor and Delivery for some meds. The Labor and Delivery nurse was awesome. The pain on the other hand was excruciating. I couldn't even stand up straight. After they got the monitors on and called my OB to see what she wanted them to do. She came back in with a shot and an IV. She said they hadn't received the orders yet but my contractions were about 4 min apart so they were giving me the meds right then. Luckily it worked and they all but went away. They let us go after I drained my IV bag and had only had 2 contractions in 1.5 hours. The pain in my back was back to what it had felt like the night before and I was able to ride home in a little more comfort. By Saturday evening I didn't have any pain in my back. For those of you that have had back labor I'm so so sorry and I empathize with you. I would never wish that upon anyone.

We go in on Thursday for the next ultrasound. I will have an update hopefully by the weekend.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry, I'm glad things worked out though! You continue to be in our prayers, we love you and hope the best possible outcome for you.

  2. You poor thing! How awful. I never had back labor but it sounds like something I'm grateful I didn't have! Although I did have a kidney stone with Brenner and so I can sympathize a little bit! Aren't doctors and meds such a great thing when you're in pain? Glad they were able to stop the labor! Hope all is still well.