Tuesday, September 6, 2011


On our drive to Utah that fateful August day, we had a lot of time to think and talk about everything. Enevitably you get to a point where there isn't much to say and all you do is sit and think.

This is never good, it allows your emotions to take control and your thoughts tend to snowball out of control.

When Bill was on the phone I was struggling with this and decided to pray instead of just think. After I calmed down a bit I looked out my window and was astonished at what I saw in the sky.

Yup, that was our angel. Giving me comfort and letting me know everything was in His hands.

Isn't that incredible?  I'm forever grateful for the way Heavenly Father communicates to us when we are in need.

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  1. Oh what a sweet tender mercy. That is amazing! So glad you were able to get a picture so you can share that with your little guy when he gets old enough to understand. Love you!