Friday, October 7, 2011

34 weeks and still counting

Appointments went great yesterday.

NST showed a great heart beat and consistent contractions.

Ultrasounds showed the C-Pam still measuring the same as before, which is still good news and no hydrops anywhere.  It also showed how big Adam (yup, we decided on a name) is getting. Right now he is measuring between 35w2d and 38w (Yes the 38w is his head size). His average measurements showed him at 36 weeks. His estimated weight is 6lbs 8oz with a 1 lb variance.

Needless to say he is growing and is healthy.

We have now passed the pediatric surgeons goal of 5lbs and only have a few more days to hit their goal of 35 weeks.
As for me, same ol' same ol'. Watch contractions and take it easy.

Thank you again to all those who keep us in your prayers. We have been so blessed.

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