Friday, October 28, 2011


I have to first start by apologizing about not keeping this up to date like I said I would.
I send the texts, post on Facebook, and forget to update the blog.

As you can imagine, Adam is still cooking despite his attempts to make an early appearance.

Yesterdays appointments were interesting. But let me back up.

Let's just say it has been a week and leave it at that. 
Adam is still doing great and getting bigger. They moved measurements to next week so it will be closer to the delivery on the 8th. 

We were monitored on thursday for most of the day with (again) a possible outlook of delivery since the contractions were so close and erratic. However they got slammed with patients and since my contractions don't make me dilate they sent me home with restrictions and to be uncomfortable there instead. 

So I'm still here with consistent contractions, pain and the urge to throw up. As long as I keep up on the meds things are a little better. 
I'm good with him coming any other day but today so I won't be doing anything but laying on the couch. 

Happy Halloween! 

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