Sunday, February 24, 2013

3D is cool

For Valentines Grandma F sent up some books for the boys and Ethans happen to be a 3D Dinosaur book. So of course we all had to give it a try. The best was James. He was trying to grab the dinosaurs from the page it was funny.  photo e76b9fab-c879-4252-b098-e0aab53ddf27_zps2662a64d.jpg  photo eca079dc-ac4a-4640-bc53-0beaeb90621b_zpsbe3bfd29.jpg  photo 3390af9c-c4a6-4e4c-9c39-b6f5cf403acb_zps61df31de.jpg  photo cfa192ce-a8c0-4ade-b123-16f1885dd118_zps77bc2133.jpg  photo 1b74fe86-40eb-487a-b7ce-0f3aa147f3e7_zpsd33603e0.jpg

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