Monday, December 5, 2011

Adam Bradley Fritsch

Adam made his appearance on November 8th at 10:17 am. He was born at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City by Dr. Janice Byrne.

When they pulled him out, Bill only saw a flash of him because he had not taken a breath yet. But as they passed him through the window into the NICU he gave a soft little cry that put everyone a little more at ease.

Once the assessment was finished by the NICU team, Bill was able to go back into the NICU to be with Adam and get the run down on how he was doing.

I on the other hand got sewn up and headed back to the recovery room where both moms and grandma Jackman were waiting for news. I don't remember much about the recovery room but here is what I do remember:
Feeling the medicine go up my arm every time they took my blood pressure (apparently it was a little too low)
Laying there, listening to what was going on and wondering why the monitor alarms were going off. Then the nurse would come shake me and tell me to breathe.
Scratching at everything especially my nose. I hate the medication wearing off.
Mindi came in and joined us.
Asking how Adam was and the nurses not knowing. Then finally one came in and said he was doing well. On oxygen but breathing on his own.
Finding out he was 8lbs and being delightfully surprised.
Being wheeled down to the NICU with Mindi so I could see Bill and Adam.

It was hard to see him with the oxygen tubes, the monitor wires and the IV in his head, but I knew it could have been so much worse.
What was funny to see was how big he was, especially for the NICU. He dwarfed the other babies.

There is a lot more to this story, but for right now I have run out of computer time. I will post more a little later.





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  1. Aw! Another adorable Fritsch baby! He is so sweet. It is so hard seeing your baby covered in wires isn't it?! I'm so glad he's doing well and that he made it here safe and sound. Congratulations! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. I hope you've been able to rest. I'll send prayers your way for a speedy recovery and bursts of energy to keep up with 3 BOYS!!! :) Loves to you guys!