Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Riding part 1

Let me just start off by saying we didn't ride as much this year as we normally do. Several factors contributed to this:

It was COLD!

Bill's bike wasn't working.

(note the rope in between the 4wheeler and Bill's bike)

Brian wasn't able to make it out (congrats on the baby!)
Dallin left for his mission 10 days prior.
And I'm in no kind of shape to head out for a good ride.

Ethan however got some good riding time in. Of course he doesn't seem to care if it is freezing outside.
We were the first to arrive in camp, so after we got everything situated and the trailer all set up Bill got Ethan's 4 Wheeler out. First he had him follow him around showing him where not to ride (into the tall sage, across the cow poop as examples).

After dinner Bill and Ethan played follow the leader up the hill.

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