Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New bike + warmer weather =

While in Wally World Ethan saw a boy riding a bike around the store and decided he wanted a bike too. This was a wonderful surprise to us considering last year it was everything we could do to get him on one. He had no desire what-so-ever.

When we went down a couple weeks ago, Ethan and I met up with Bill and Jameson in the bike area of Wally. Bill had put two bikes down on the ground to see if Ethan would want one.
We didn't even have to ask him. As soon as he saw them he went right over, climbed on and started pedaling. He rode it all around the store, out to the car and all over the parking lot.

Since then, if it is warm enough outside, he asks to go out on his bike. He is doing great. Learning that you can't go down a hill and put your feet down to stop you. Learning if you turn too sharp the bike will tip over. Learning when you ride in the dirt with training wheels you will eventually get high centered. Learning all the fun (and sometimes painful) new tricks that go along with owning a bike.


  1. Love all the different shots of his dirty hands and pants and then his cute eyes. Very cute! Lots of fun new posts Jessie, and great photos! Looks like the trip of a lifetime out on the dessert. Next time we want to come! :)