Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our week

Last week was so much fun, busy but a lot of fun. Wednesday we made a day trip to Salt Lake so Bill could attend a GE training. We meet with Bub, Kim, Lisa and my mom at Training Table (Cheese Fries). Bill took off to the training, Bub went back to work and the girls and Ethan went shopping. Unfortunately it was not all fun shopping, unless you like Costco. It was fun being with everyone and letting Ethan play. the drive home was interesting. We stopped and got Chili's to go in Ogden (we will definitely do that again)and had good weather just up to Pocatello. Not sure what it is with Pocatello weather but I don't think we ever get through there with out some element. This was like driving into a wall of clouds that happen to be raining, hailing and windy. The hail was so deafening in the car I couldn't hear much of what Bill said. I tried to stop under an overpass and wait it out but it was full, which ended up fine because there was so much hail on the road that we slid every time I hit the brakes. So we pushed through and it finally let up a little past Fort Hall. After that we had a few sprinkles but nothing to bad.

We came back down late Friday night. It was a slow drive since we were in the truck and had it loaded with 3 bikes (we had Bryan's bike as well). Saturday Bill, Bryan and I headed out to the desert about 7am. The weather turned out perfect. Windy but not a cloud in the sky. It stayed a great temp with the wind blowing so it wasn't hot or cold. Had a great ride. Parked where we camp and headed north from there, went around to puddle and putted around in puddle for a little bit. Bill was the only one that saw anything running. Headed north from there to see if we could see any owls but were not able to find any. Then we headed west still and the boys went up and over the hills on the west side of puddle. I stayed behind to save a little of my energy for the ride back. Then Bill showed up and told me Bryans bike was having some issues so I followed him around to where Bryan was. Apparently Bill and Bryan were hill climbing and Bryans boot accidentally hit it into first so when he got it into second he didn't have enough momentum and had to let go of the bike. Luckily he didn't get hurt but his handlebars are no longer the shape they should be (see photo below). So he attached his clutch on where he could and we rode back to the truck. I finally felt comfortable enough to get into 5th gear and stay there for most of the ride back. It was a great ride.
While we were out Ethan stayed back with Bill's parents. He had so much fun helping out in the yard. He was telling us all about picking the lettuce in the garden and washing it in the bucket with water. He told us all about Grandpa mowing the lawn and playing with trucks. We headed back home Sunday.
The next time we will be going back down won't be until the end of July. But we have Scott, Mindi and family coming up this weekend, Ethan's Birthday next weekend. We are taking him on a train ride in Boise so that should be a blast. The next weekend after that we are going to Martin's Cove on a trek with the ward. Then the Ellett side (Mom, Dad, Lisa, Bubba, Kim and Dixon) are coming for the 4th. At some point it will settle down I'm sure of it. But we have to enjoy the summer before it starts to snow again.


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