Monday, June 15, 2009

First Day of Swimming Lessons!

Ethan had his first day of swimming lessons today. I got it scheduled the same time as Abby and Max's lessons so we could carpool since it is in Ririe at the Heise Hot Springs, 45 min on a good non-construction day. It took us an hour with the construction and the downpour most of the way there. Amazingly it was sunny with a few clouds at the pool. The pool itself is nice because it is a natural hot pool so it feels like bath water when you get in. The lessons are 30 min long Monday - Thursday, so we eat lunch at the tables outside the pool when they are finished.

Ethan did great, no screaming or any kind of meltdown at all. They put him and Max with the same instructor which was a misunderstanding on their end but Cathy and I were okay with it. Of course all he wanted to do was play so he wouldn't sit on the step when she was trying to teach Max. Hopefully he will get better with that the more we go.
Enjoy the pics!

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