Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cabin fun

The Bow hunt opener for Utah was on the 14th so we dropped Bill off at the mouth of the canyon and headed down to the cabin. We had a great time there and came back up to Salt Lake for the rest of the week.

Bill came off the mountain an armed hiker so we will be going down again this week, but he had a great time and needed the time up with Scott.

Sara showing me her silly face

Ethan and his rock
Porter and James. There is a 6 week difference between them.

I packed both of the boys and went for a ride. James loved every bit of it and even fell asleep on the way back.

Lauras boys came down and helped stain all the posts and decks so it only took about an hour to finish.

Ethan trying to figure out the "pumping" thing

Ethan and Sara playing on the swingset.
Nana and Shelby. Shelby is wearing a kimono that Scott brought back from Japan for Leslie.

Everyone Chillin'. The cabin is the best place to just hang out.

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