Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bill's Hand

It's 6:30, Tuesday morning. I'm already out the door warming up to jog. Talking to Bill on the phone, knowing he was up and on his way to Rexburg already. "I'll call you after I stop and fill up the tire to the hand truck" he says. So I start jogging, thinking, I'll jog until he calls. I'm still jogging... yup still jogging... Finally when I'm almost back my phone rings. "Don't panic but I'm in the ER." "Whatever." I tell him. "I'm dead serious, I was filling up the tire and it exploded and sliced open my hand. I'm here waiting for them to stitch it up." Of course I don't believe him. Then he starts getting upset because I'm not believing him, but in reality he was going into a slight state of shock. When he started stumbling over his words and sounding funny I realized he wasn't joking. Just to make sure I believed him he sent me this photo from his phone.

I wait and wait for him to call me back... nothing. So finally I call him. "Susan is getting ready for the Dr to stitch me up, I'll call you back." Then a bit later I get this photo.

This is the piece that exploded off and sliced his hand.

He sent me a pic of how swollen his hand was.

This is what it looks like this morning.

He gets to go in Friday and have the stitches removed.

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