Monday, December 14, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

This past Saturday was our ward Christmas party. Instead of doing the traditional dinner and program they decided to have a breakfast and activities. The breakfast was awesome, Ethan was in heaven with his 6 banana pieces and a pancake. They had a casserole that was great (Alison I will be asking for the recipe!), ham, all kinds of fruit, muffins and yogurt. Needless to say it was wonderful.
After breakfast everyone went over to Bagley's elk ranch for a visit with Santa and a sleigh ride to see the elk. No, we didn't get Ethan on Santa's lap but he gave him a high 5 and talked to him so we are making progress. If you want to know how big the elk were call Bill. I'm sure he would love to tell you. They were really pretty though. Ethan loved being pulled by the big horses.
After the sleigh ride we pulled the tubes out and went sledding in "Bagley's Pitt". Luckily it snowed the 6 inches we needed the night before. There were a ton of kids and parents having a great time. However I think Isaac and Ethan got the best deal of all. All they had to do was sit in the sled or on the tub and go down with everyone else. Bill and Bryan were the pack mules hiking everyone and the sleds back up each time. They got quite the work out. Everyone had a blast. Ethan didn't want to go so Bill pushed him in the tube the whole way to the car and then the melt down started.

Thank you to Alison for the picture!

Thank you to Becky for the additional pictures!

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  1. That definitely was a blast! So glad you guys were there! Your snow tubes were the best! Here's the recipe... Enjoy!

    Breakfast Souffle

    1 (32 oz) bag hash browns
    1 dozen eggs (whisked with a little milk)
    2-4 cups grated cheese (to taste)
    2 lbs browned sausage

    2 cans cream of chicken soup
    1 cup milk

    The night before: Put the hash browns, cheese and sausage in a baking dish and pour the eggs over them. Refrigerate overnight.

    In the morning: Mix the soup and milk and pour over the hash brown mixture and bake at 350 for 90 minutes.